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Living in an increasingly digital world means broader access to almost all of life’s needs. Everything from shopping, banking, paying bills, studying, and applying for a job can all be done electronically. While the ease of access seems like a good enough reason to buy into computer Internet and Broadband technology, we know there are still many in minority and low-income communities who have not become adopters of technology and all that it has to offer. The resistance to use the Internet and computers in any form to solve many of life’s problems or create an easier lifestyle also creates barriers for the vast entrepreneurial opportunities that exist in the technology industry. The future of jobs lies heavily in this field and with a projected shortage of prepared workers, we know that many of the people who are not yet using broadband or using it in a limited capacity will be left out of the many opportunities that will exist.

National Action Network sees a chance to engage local leaders and communities to close the digital divide and bring access and opportunity to communities who are being left behind.


NAN 2016 Technology Tour Expands To Newark, New Jersey

Newark based Tech World features three (4) 21st century classroom learning environments outfitted with state-of-the-arts computer workstations in each classroom. Tech World is strategically located to have its broadest impact on Newark citizens with an administrative staff to address the training needs of Newark Citizens. The program dovetails with the White House’s Computer Science for all initiative where Newark students between the ages of 8-14 will become one of the primary beneficiaries of Tech World’s after-school computer science training program.

Newark youth will be offered programs in STEM, STEAM, Robotic, coding and software development (working with the Newark’s rich college community) while young adults and seniors will be able to pursue and engage in basic and intermediate computer training skills and other technology programs.

By hosting digital literacy sessions, hackathons, technology career events, and connecting students and adults with tech innovators in their communities, Tech World is bridging the divide through information. By partnering with local businesses and/or other partners like churches, Tech World also seeks ways to donate new technology to people within the community who are active in the Tech World programs. Through the education, connection to technology professionals and access to equipment, we address the technology divide in Newark.

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