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AutoCad 2015 Certified User

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AutoCad 2015 Certified User

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Center for Continuing Professional Development
The AutoCAD 2015 online program helps you master fundamental tools to create and edit AutoCAD drawings.  Throughout the program, you’ll explore efficiency tools, advanced plotting, complex objects, using external reference and image files, and enhance productivity with simple customization.

This program focuses on 2D tools within AutoCAD. The content in this program is engaging, with hands-on exercises that use software and files to learn and practice their new skills. Course assignments and instruction incorporates real-world examples, enabling you to experience the various fields in which AutoCAD is integral.

As a student, you can download AutoCAD 2015 with 3-years of free access under a student license. Please note that we cannot extend this length of your student license for AutoCAD 2015. Also, the AutoCAD 2015 student software license cannot be used in a commercial environment.

Once you have completed your AutoCAD 2015 program, you will have learned the skills required to become an Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 Certified Professional and User. A free exam voucher for the Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 Certified User exam will be provided to you upon successful completion of the program.

Actual hands-on experience is a critical component in preparing for the exam. You should practice using the product and the skills learned from this program. Successfully completing this program, plus 50 hours of hands-on application are recommended prior to taking the Certified User exam.

*For the Certified Professional Exam, an additional 400 hours of hands-on experience outside of this program is strongly recommended.

When you register you receive an initial six (6) months to complete this program. Should you need more time beyond the six (6) months, an extension of three (3) months is available for a fee of $250.*
*Does NOT apply to Workforce Development students.

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