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Intermediate Digital Literacy

Intermediate Digital Literacy

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Once you have mastered the basics, learn more about what the Internet has to offer. Learn how to use google application suites, protect your identity, manage your finances online and engage in online social activities.

Week 5-8 Class lessons:

Week 5 – Introduction to Google App Suite
  • Describe the functionality of the common programs in Google Apps suite
  • Explain the use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Perform basic tasks in google documents
Week 6 – Working with Google Applications Everyday Life
  • Enter data into a Google Sheets
  • Create a presentation in Google Slide
  • How to manage your finances online using Google sheets and Google wallet.
Week 7 – Internet Protection and Security
  • Explain computer security and privacy
  • How to protect your computer against natural threats
  • How to protect your computer against human actions
  • How to protect your privacy from online predators
  • Identify best practices for securing online and network transactions
Week 8 –Your online presence via Social Networking
  • The value of social media in everyday life
  • Identify the features of online communities
  • Function of social media in the job-searching process
  • How to blog
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