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Digital Design & Development

Digital Design & Development

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Digital Design & Development
Digital Design & Development is an interactive 10-week course that exposes participants to the
fundamentals of design thinking, web design, and front-end web development. This course is intended to develop an understanding of fundamental web & mobile design principles and provide students with the skills to create a 1-5 page website in addition to developing graphical content, marketing collateral, and an engaging portfolio for their work. Upon completion, participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of and competency in foundational principles in web & mobile design.Objective for Digital Design & Development: To enrich and empower participants by teaching them
21 st century tech skills, design thinking and fundamentals of design and development for web and
mobile platforms.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes
1. Students will demonstrate competencies related to fundamental web & mobile development
2. Students will demonstrate competencies in building their own 1-5 page website through the
utilization of web design principles and beginner-level knowledge of foundational programming
3. Students will demonstrate understanding of the user experience process and the use of tools to create great user experience.
4. Students will demonstrate enhanced proficiency in the use of web & mobile design principles and
have an understanding of the role it plays in today’s society.This document is proprietary and confidential. No part of this document may be disclosed in any manner to a third party without the prior written consent of Sociosmith, Communiversity or any of its approved officers.

Date Topic Assignment
Week 1 Design Thinking & Ideation Intro to Design Thinking and
ideation on project / business ideas
Week 2 Graphic Design Intro to Graphic Design and
development of (2) advertisements
for project / business concept
Week 3 Prototyping your Concept Sketching / Wireframing of Web
and Mobile version of website
Week 4 Web Design Design & Development of Website
for project / business concept
Week 5 Web Design Cont’d Continued Design & Development
of Website for project / business
Week 6-7 Marketing / Branding Design & Development of
Marketing Collateral for project /
business concept
Week 8 -9 Review / Testing Refining Final Project
Week 10 Wrap Up / Final Presentations Final Project Presentation

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